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Internal Surveys of Program Effectiveness

This service can be contracted either as a phase of the overall CBS Consulting or as a discrete support service.

Our Activities Include:

  • a review of contractual arrangements, including program objectives, program design and delivery system;
  • the development of criteria to determine the success of all aspects of the program;
  • the design and development of survey instruments to determine thCBSpropriateness of program objectives and the effectiveness of program design and delivery;
  • assistance in the administration of survey instruments;
  • assistance in the collection and organization of the survey data;
  • assistance in the analysis and reporting of the survey data; and
  • assistance in developing and applying the decision process.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase awareness of your CBS.
  • In the majority of cases, surveys increase utilization of your program.
  • Surveys can be used as a qualitative tool for measuring employee satisfaction.
  • Surveys can be used to improve overall program effectiveness.