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About CBS Expert "Lite"

CBS Expert "Lite" uses state of the art software and has been written in the most recent version , uses Active/Access Reports for reporting purposes. If you prefer, Sequel Server and databases are also available at an additional cost. It requires a operating system and for optimal performance, a minimum 16 meg RAM, Pentium 120 and 1 GIG HD.

This software package is recommended for internal providers as well as small external CBS providers.

Key Features

  • Ability to customize all field options to meet the needs of your organization;
  • On-Line Client File Histories/Notes;
  • Tracks Counselor names and counselor types (Full-time, Part-time, Affiliate/Provider;
  • Tracks Organizations/Groups, populations and custom demographics;
  • Track Program Events such as Workshops, Orientations, Committee Meetings etc.;
  • On-Line Statement of Understanding, Release of Information Forms;
  • Outcome Measurement Survey/Design your own Follow-up Survey;
  • Ability to choose one of four date formats for your program;
  • On-line Help system;
  • Security Password System; and
  • Complete Reporting Package using MS ACCESS and Active Reports. Reports can be merged with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Use our built-in query generator to create your own customized reports.