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Brokering Service

Are you interested in selling your CBS organization? Are you interested in expanding your business by acquiring an existing established CBS provider in Canada, the U.S. or another part of the world? Please visit our section 'CBS Providers for Sale'

If you answered 'Yes' to one of the above questions, then perhaps you should speak with us.

CBSQAC can assist you in finding a buyer. We...

  • are connected with numerous providers throughout Canada and the U.S.on a daily basis;
  • work in conjunction with a specialized brokering agent;
  • have over twenty years experience with CBSs and are familiar with existing program features and pricing;
  • will do all the necessary data collection and seller's information package.

If we are able to find you a suitable CBS that matches your requirements, the following brokering fee schedulCBSplies:


What size of Provider would you be interested in acquiring? Wherever possible use ranges, min or max amounts and provide as much detail as possible for each item below.

  • In terms of Gross Revenue?
  • In terms of Covered Lives?
  • In terms of Number of Contracts?
  • In terms of Office Locations?
  • In terms of Number of Employees?
  • Estimated Purchase Price?
  • Do you require a breakdown of existing contract types [Fee for Service, Hourly, Flat Fee, Experience Rated, Variable Rated]
  • Expected Return on Investment?
  • What key services must be offered by this organization? (Face-face Counseling, Telephone Counseling, Trauma/Critical Incident Debriefings, Legal/Financial, Childcare/Eldercare, Workshops, Relocation Services etc.)
  • Primary Operations in Canada and/or US, Other?
  • Other