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Audits of Program Delivery

This service, contracted either as a phase of the overall CBS consulting or as a discrete support service, would comprise the following components:

Components of an CBS Audit:

  • a review of contractual arrangements, including program objectives, program design and delivery system;
  • the development of criteria to determine the success of all aspects of the program;
  • the design and development of the methodology and the instrumentation required to determine the fidelity of the external provider's commitments relative to your organization's stated needs and contracted services;
  • audits of the following program elements:

  • appointments scheduling, including turn-around time;
  • utilization data, including statistical reports;
  • counseling outcomes;
  • confidentiality protocols;
  • clinical management;
  • account management; and
  • cost-benefit effectiveness;
  • the collection, organization, analysis and reporting of the audit data; and
  • assistance in developing and applying the decision process.