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Our consulting firm has been incorporated as CBS Quality Assurance and is offering two new Y2K Compliant software products registered as CBS Expert and CBS Expert "Lite".

These comprehensive and versatile products were developed by CBS Professionals for CBS Professionals and are currently servicing clients in Canada, U.S. and the U.K.

In addition, we provide a full range of professional services: CBS Consulting, Internal Surveys of Program Effectiveness, Audits of Program Delivery, Professional Accreditation, and CBS Brokerage. Details concerning all of our consulting activities are provided in our webpage.

CBS Quality Assurance has been developed on the premise that the major players in the consulting group should be drawn from the CBS profession. In this regard, the two Principals of our firm have over twenty years experience in the CBS field of theory and practice.

My academic and professional preparation and CBS experience are in the areas of computer systems and statistical analysis. Glenn Scott has over ten years experience as a senior executive in a large CBS Consulting firm. He brought to that role twenty years experience as a professor and academic administrator in the field of organizational studies.

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